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Mr. Yogendra Poudel



Yogendra Poudel serves as the Chairman of the company who has been working past 8 years in this field.  He holds a qualification of Master of Professional Accounting and Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice. He is also a registered migration agent.

Message from Yogendra Poudel

The challenges we face today are complex but the experiences in the work field have made us grow with the situation. We have dealt with many unique circumstances which helped us understand management, education, and politics around. All these years, I and my team have managed to elevate the consultancy in terms of goodwill and quality. No doubt we will put efforts to continue doing so.

Mr. Surya Devkota


Surya Devkota serves as the Director in Tasmania. He Finished his Master of Professional Accounting from Australia.  He has a solid experience in student consultation and documentations.

Message from Surya Devkota

Global Consult has recruited a professional team of workers who are dedicated to providing necessary service to the students so as to help them pursue appropriate study in Australian University. I have tried my best to offer various facilities to the employees as well as the students and clients. I had lots of ups and downs in my career while working in this field but the helping hands from our team had always built my confidence. The success so far should be handed to the dedicated team who continues to work hard for better results. We will continue to explore more in this field and discover techniques and methodologies that can be implemented in the benefits of the students.

Thank You.

Mr. BhojRaj Neupane


BhojRaj Neupane serves as the Director in Kathmandu and a freelancer. He has a strong public relation in Nepal and also a member of Lions Club of Nepal.

Message from BhojRaj Neupane

I, along with my team, am here to assist you with the detailed information about the education system in Australia. Not only education sector, but we also offer information about holiday packages, air ticketing and more. Accurate guidance and consistent quality are guaranteed as we have worked very hard to get to this height and we believe that honesty and gratitude are the only things that have to hold us up. Real Time service and providing accurate information have always been our prime focus.

All the best to the students.

Thank you.


Mr. Ganesh Bhandari


Ganesh Bhandari serves as the Director in Pokhara.  He holds a qualification of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He has a four years’ experience in the field of student consultation. He has strong relations among the youth entrepreneur of Nepal. He is also associated in Rotaract and serves as a President-Elect in Rotaract Club of New road Pokhara.

Message from Ganesh Bhandari.


 At Global consult, the uniqueness of each students is recognized, nurtured and treasured.  We deal with our Students/clients looking at their every circumstance, needs and suggest them accordingly. Working as a consultant, we have always valued their dream and desire.

Our consultation focusses to develop our students as global citizens, with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a life-time learning experience. They should be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take up a leadership role in future.

We Global consult here at Pokhara is focus on career-oriented course rather than sending them randomly. We are committed to provide the same quality of services that Global consult, Sydney is providing.

Thank you.