Yogendra Poudel (Yogi)

Mr. Poudel is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1797600) with more than 10 years of experience assisting students’ dream to achieve their educational and career goals. He has a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting and also possess a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practise. He is well familiar with student life in Australia as he himself was international student at Federation University (University of Ballarat).

 He keeps himself actively engaged with other student organizations to help international students in need and provides his guidance wherever necessary. He is very fluent in consultation and enjoy strong network within the industry. He is also a JP NSW. He has strong industry connections with educational agents from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Philippines. As a RMA and Chairman of the organization, he is responsible for migration and education counselling as well as overall operations of the business.

Dal Bahadur Chhetri (Deepak)

Mr. Deepak, a qualified counsellor and Registered Migration Agent (MARN number: 1688108) with 8 plus years of experience in education sector is the managing director of the company. He also has a one hundred percent success rate at Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). He completed his Master of Professional Accounting from University of Southern Queensland and an active member of the university alumnus. He also boasts Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice from top ranked Australian National University, Canberra.

His speciality is assessing student’s problems and providing effective counselling that will enhance their educational and career development. He is advisor to his former university alumni organization and is seen actively participating in many causes for international students and makes himself engaged with various student bodies. He is also the executive member of Nepalese Community in Sydney – Westmead, captain of Westmead Tigers FC and a veteran Tennis player.

Subodh Poudyal
Ritan Khadka

Subodh Poudyal is the Marketing Specialist at Global Consult. He boasts Master of Business Administration and Master of Professional Accounting from Holmes Institute, Sydney. He also has undergraduate degree of Business Administration from Apex College. He has been working since Feb 2019 at Global Consult. He also possesses experience of Business Development Manager from Nepal. He is also a blogger and content writer. He is responsible for assisting and monitoring the marketing team at Global Consult where the marketing team directly reports the specialist Mr. Poudyal. Mr. Poudyal keeps himself updated with current affairs, Australian financial and accounting policy, and most importantly, the education industry of Australia.

Mr. Khadka is the Marketing Manager who directly reports the marketing specialist. He handles the marketing team. He has firsthand fresh experience as international student. He is master of documentation and perfection. His charming personality and always smiling happy face are the reason for increase in clients and partners over the years. He has also positioned himself in various administrative and leading roles in student organizations. His outgoing nature make him very popular among clients and partners. Apart from this, he is also a videographer, vlogger, singer, and a model.

Aashish Thapa
Richa Pradhan

Mr. Thapa is the office manager and he is responsible for the smooth operation of the business. His outgoing personality and industry experience of more than 5 years makes him the perfect office manager. He is determined, diligent and always focuses on client and customer satisfaction. He is also responsible for Insurance, ticketing and travel needs of our clients.

Richa is Accountant at Global Consult. She strives to maintain a keen attention to detail. She commits with an all-out effort to achieve the desired result and to ensure ethical, accountable and reliable accounting process for clientele. She has master’s degree in Professional Accounting and Business Administration from Holmes Institute.

Spriha Ghimire
Avilash Jha

Ms. Ghimire has bachelor of business and is the admin officer at Global Consult. She maintains the administrative aspects of Global Consult. She has a keen sense of customer satisfaction and always goes beyond the level for customer satisfaction.

Mr. Jha is a counsellor at Global Consult who provides services of education counselling for potential students. He has a masters degree in information technology and has first hand experience as student in Australia. He keeps himself updated with current trends in education industry and provided reliable consultation.

Suman Basnet

Suman is our IT Manager who has a master degree in Information technology from India. He has more than 3 years of experience in similar position and maintains our overall IT needs.