Why Choose Us?

What we offer ?

GLOBAL CONSULT offers absolute and chic services to its clients and partners through our highly qualified, competent and dedicated team of education specialists. Students are thoroughly counselled by our industry-specific experts, for evaluation of their qualification, previous education, English competency, educational goals and career ambition; to ensure each and every student is suited to absolute best educational providers.

We understand how crucial it is to have prompt provision of effective, efficient and emphasized personnel for all sectors. We realize that when it comes to sensitive and dynamic businesses, especially the ones that have been heavily invested into, one cannot take chances.

Our guarantee is more than just promptness

Through our vast network and industry connections, we guarantee genuine students capable and qualified to demonstrate excellent academic performance during their academic career. Everything from the initial counselling, assessment of financial capability and academic qualification, documentation to visa process, right up to their arrival, is our responsibility. We are hence renowned as the agency capable of providing a complete package.

Our Unique Business Approach

Our scientific, systematic and streamlined methodology of consultation helps to provide apt services according to the client’s and partner’s requirement at the stipulated. We have qualified and efficient staff for documentation, assessment, consultation and visa/migration services. The entire service process are handled by people with immense knowledge and experience in the relevant field, enabling us to tackle your requisition promptly

Our Dedicated Team and State of the Art Infrastructure

We are well furnished with powerful integrated recruitment technologies and have a dedicated team of experts. We have all the latest facilities in the areas of communication, test preparation, and documentation leading to quest of the entire recruitment and deployment process.

Additionally, all our team members have significant experience as they have “Gone over this topic ad nauseam”. They understand the industry and appreciate that students are backbone for development and progress

Customer Satisfaction
Delay in enquiry responce
Dedicated team of experts

Our Significant Work Process

We pro-actively tap the market for excellent students. Once the students come to our contact we conduct in-depth consultation with each individual, and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, financial capability, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, trainings etc.)

Our Prime Business Location

We are located in Central Business District of the City of Sydney. We are 2 minutes’ walk from Wynyard station and 5 minutes from town hall. All mode of transportation are readily available nearby. Healthy diet and foods available in nearby restaurants and cafes, with star hotels and luxury homes in close proximit

What sets us apart ?

” The choice to make good choices is the best choice you can choose. Fail to make that choice and on most choices you will lose. ”

― Ryan Lilly